About Us

We’re a transparent, inclusive and effectual beauty brand with clean and hard working formulations that are suitable for all ages, colours and skin moods. Focused on real concerns of the many real moods of your skin, our ingredient-driven products are packaged in the most playful and quirky Insta-worthy bottles, combining efficacy with aesthetic perfectly. Our range of products are as diverse as our mood swings and intend to make your skin feel at its best—all day, every day. Moody is also an expression of self-love; we encourage all ourMoodies to embracethemselves just the way they are.

Our Promises

  • We Put Your Skin First

    It’s simple:your skin deserves the best. And the best is what it’s going to get. Research-backed and high-performing plant-based ingredients are used to create products for each of your skin’s needs. We’re talking targeted solutions that deliver results. Oh, and did we mention, we’re vegan, cruelty-free and paraben-free too!

  • Simplified, Accessible Skincare

    MOODY aims to develop concern-specific products that will fit into your skin care routine seamlessly. We’re telling you exactly what to use, how to use it and when to add it to your routine. And most importantly, we’re offering these gold-standard products at affordable prices. Isn’t that too good to be true?

  • Transparency

    We have nothing to hide. From disclosing our entire ingredient list to steering clear from making false claims, we promise to be 100% authentic and honest at every stage, every step.


Want to unlock brighter and healthier skin? Vitamin C is the key. Our Vibran-C range ensures your skin doesn’t have to strive hard to be in its best mood. Effective, clean and fuss-free, all our formulations proudly host Vitamin C as their hero ingredient along with other potent botanical extracts that are equally promising. Our juicy concoctions will perk up your skin’s mood, all thanks to the rich antioxidant content that offers skin brightening, repairing and collagen-boosting properties. So get ready to see off your skin concerns with the power of Vitamin C.